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Answers would be sent 3 hours before exam


1st Section, Will Start Their Own Exam By 6:30am

2nd Section, Will Start Their Own Exam By 9:30am

3rd Section, Will Start Their Own Exam By 1:30pm


1st Section, Answers Come To Your Phone By [4am] morning.

2nd Section, Answers Come To Your Phone By [7am]morning.

3rd Section, Answers Come To Your Phone By [10am] morning.

List of subjects available:

(i) 4 subjects= #5,000 MTN CARD 
(ii) 3 subjects= #4,500 MTN CARD 
(iii) 2 subjects= #3,000 MTN CARD 
(iv) 1 subject = #1,500 MTN CARD
(v) All subject [All Days & Time, People with Candidate, Full Package, VIP]= #30,000 MTN CARD 

How To Subscribe
Send your Name, Phone number, Subjects,
Jamb registration number and Your Mtn Card to 09033919669.

We would confirm your payment within 7hours after
receiving your details

if you dont know your jamb registration number,

you can still subscribe, then immediately after you reprint

your jamb slip, you can send your jamb registration number

with your Date & Time.


We do send the answers in WORD FORMAT, E.G: Which Of The Following Is an Acid?



C. Na2CO4


From The Above Question (A. HCL) IS The Answer But We Are Not Going To Send Out “A” Rather You Will Receive “NO1:HCL” From Us

We Will Also Send you a Pin to Access The Official Answers Website 2Days Before Jamb Will Commence in case there is SMS Issues On the Day of Your Exam Because Our Subscription Comes With a Guarantee of MONEY BACK If You Did Not Score Above 250
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Also See Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to it

Question 1: How will you know i have paid?

Answer: Yes, immediately we receIved your subscription text, we will verify your subscription then all your detail will be submitted to our DATABASE

Question 2: If i pay this amount now will it be too early?

Answer: NO its a good one on your side because our payment would soon be high so late payments must attract additional fee, and it now open that early payment deserves special treatments.

Question 3: If i pay this amount will i pay any additional fee?

Answer: No! But if it warrants so late payees would bear the cause

Question 4: Is this payment for each subjects?

Answer: No! For all 4 subjects. But if you need all Department subject, it will cost you 30,000naira

Question 5: How Quick would this answers come?

Answer: Our source has never failed us but latest 3hrs before the exam answers and questions will come to you.

Question 6: How am i sure this is not a scam?

Answer: No! And Can never Be! is not a newly Created Website, We have been helping Candidates for 6years now, Our domain Age will tell u and The outgoing WAEC candidates felt our endless answers hours before exam but since the Jamb is cbt.. 3hours before the exam is a rest assured time.

Question 7: Why do you need my jamb registration Number?.

Answer: We must need it because with your jamb registration number we will use it to extract and get your exact questions then solve it and send it to you and we will use it to check Or re-check the person result if the person doesn’t score above 250 because we promise to refund back your fees.

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FACTS: Some Might say it’s impossible to get JAMB CBT questions, I will tell you that it’s a possible fact, What you don’t know is bigger than you, provided you can meet up with its demands. The only difficult task we may encounter is the disjointed exam dates (that is the ONLY thing that can Stress us because we have many to attend to).

Again, for the fact that you have seen this site, it means your’re fortunate as this
year is already your year of
direct connection. Yes! we are true and committed to our words – we can’t be playing with your future by depending on your hard earned money.

Please Note That:
-Subscribing for jamb does not stop you from reading your books
-Price increases Any time soon
-230 is the minimum guaranteed mark
-Answers comes direct to your phone as sms
-A browisng phone is required for the runz but not compulsory
-We only need your registration number, we would call you when we need more information

Admin(Mr Noni)

For Inquiry Text us Only: 09033919669

Note: Your Success is In Your Hands

For Any Enquiry, Please Do Not Call US. Whatsapp Or Text Only: 09033919669 (We Reply Text Faster)