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All About Do Not Disturb (DND)

Question: What is (DND)?

Ans: DND stands for “Do Not Disturb”. This allows you to option out of receiving messages from 3rd Party services (Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.)

Question: Are promotional messages from your network provider included in DND?

Ans: NO. DND service was only introduced to 3rd party services e.g. VAS providers.

Tip: What this simply mean is that you will not be receiving important messages from your church/mosque, wedding IV, school, Job interview, events and even from Us etc, but your network providers will still be sending you unsolicited messages and calls.


Question: How do I check my line DND status?

Ans: Send STATUS to 2442


Question: How do I option out from DND?

Ans: From the affected line, send the below message to the shortcode depending on your network.

For MTN lines text ALLOW to 2442.

For AIRTEL lines text ALLOW to 2442.

For GLO lines text CANCEL to 2442.

For 9mobile/Etisalat lines text START to 2442.

If you get succesful option out SMS, allow 24 - 48 hours for it to be effective.

Note: If  after 48 hours and you still do not receive message sent from our platform, kindly get in tocuh with us.

To filter spam calls and Messages, download call and message blocker application.


Updated on: 19/04/2019
Mr Noni